About Us

At the core, Edelmade was founded to create and foster meaningful ideas. We hold skilled craftsmen and makers in high regard, because they dedicate themselves to a mindset: producing things with meaning and purpose. The life of a maker can be a life of really high highs and sometimes super deep lows, but hopefully it results in something exceptional.

To us, a life dedicated to creation is noble—edel, the German word for noble. A nod to the German heritage of Cincinnati. Founded as the “Queen of the West” and referred to as the Queen City, we love calling this city home. Noble purpose + the Queen City + spirited craftsmanship = Edelmade and its crown. We aim for our mark to be a symbol of intention, impact and interconnected creative.


The more left-brained of the pair, Lauren has many years of experience breaking down large scale projects to get to the core of what needs to be done. She is a relater, a joke-maker, and adept at analyzing data to understand trends and drive forward-thinking decision making. She asks a lot of questions and listens to understand.

Lauren has spent most of her career working in various analytical and project management roles at General Electric. She has experience working on strategic business development opportunities as well as supporting multi-million dollar sales campaigns with the world’s largest airlines. For 5 years, Lauren also wrote a popular style blog, Stylized Existence, in addition to running a wardrobe and styling consultancy. Lauren can best be described as a fitness and fashion-loving foodie—always on the hunt for a new restaurant.


The more right-brained partner, Mike has experience taking abstract ideas and bringing them to life creatively in many different forms. He loves to dig deep to find meaning in everything, because he believes context and stories are imperative to figuring out what’s next. He finds beauty in negative space, in simplicity, and uses his creative skills to develop meaning and resonance.

Mike has a degree in Business Marketing but a background in design, photo-retouching and videography. Throughout his agency and commercial photography career, he has created short films, brand identities, digital campaigns, photo essays, websites and advertising for brands like Procter & Gamble, Abercombie & Fitch, REI, Hershey, Citi, Build-a-Bear, Luxottica, and Cintas. He likes to wear many hats (literally and figuratively) and nerd out learning about local history.

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