A multimedia storytelling platform
helping humans live more fulfilled lives

WellBeings is an omni-channel media creation from the creative minds at the PBS affiliate in Washington, DC—WETA. WellBeings aims to tackle deep, complicated issues that affect human health and happiness. Through collaborations with filmmakers like Ken Burns and celebrities like Finn Wolfhard, WellBeings seeks to bring public awareness to problems and hone focus on health.

What We Did

We partnered with WETA to take a very basic existing identity and extend and systematize it for the future of the WellBeings program. Since this program will eventually extend to many different topics and mediums (TV, web, in-person townhalls, etc.) it was critical that we create an identity system that could flex. The system also had to appeal to a variety of demographics—as different public health issues affect all sorts of people from wide swaths of the population. We created a visual system that can be easily applied across social media, other digital media platforms, as well as for use in broadcasting and film. 


  • Brand identity extension
  • Content & social media art direction
  • Collateral creation