Brain Donor Project

Brain Donor Project (BDP) is a national non-profit organization that aims to increase the supply of human post-mortem brains donated for scientific research. The Brain Donor Project’s goal is to simplify the process and increase public awareness of this need. Tish Hevel was inspired to create the Brain Donor Project after her father, Gene, died in March 2015.

Tish was comfortable with pushing the boundaries with the visual identity for BDP. Many medical or health focused brands are “safe” or “expected”, so it was an exciting departure to create a visually interesting and personal brand for BDP.

We were inspired by Swiss-style design, which led us to create a bold, clean identity. The real pièce de résistance came straight from the main inspiration for BDP. Since Gene’s brain was donated, Tish was able to obtain histology images of his brain, which we incorporated into the brand as a pattern.

Beyond the brand development, we also designed and developed the BDP website and brain donation portal.

Project Highlights:
  • Logo development
  • Website design & development
  • Creation of web portal to capture donor information
  • Creation of conference signage
  • Development of presentation materials
  • Collateral & business card creation