Lisa Larkin, MD and Associates

Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates is a Cincinnati-based primary care practice, that is changing the health landscape in Cincinnati. Dr. Larkin left UC Health in 2016 to create a new practice, pursuing an innovative shift in healthcare in Cincinnati. Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates offers both Direct Primary Care services and Concierge care, and does not accept insurance or Medicare. This unique business model allows the practice to offer increased access, and personalized attention at affordable costs.

Dr. Larkin had previously owned a private practice from 2002-2012, which had an existing visual identity. However, since Dr. Larkin was creating both a new and original medical business model in Cincinnati, the practice needed a complete overhaul and a new, fresh face.

We spent a lot of time with Dr. Larkin and her team in order to truly understand all of the facets of the business, and what set them apart from the other medical practices in Cincinnati. Their mission and their passion is to provide truly personalized, relationship-based care. With that in mind, we created a visual identity that illustrated the soothing, inclusive, and personalized care that can be found at Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates.

Project Highlights:
  • Logo development, brand identity and brand guidelines
  • Website design & development
  • Collateral (business cards, info materials, etc.)
  • Creation of brand story
  • Creation of signage