Edelmade is a Cincinnati-based creative studio. We design, create, integrate ideas, connect dots and tell stories.

We’re designers and strategists. Listeners and do-ers. Thinkers and creators. We exist to be the connective thread that transforms ideas and concepts into something weighty. Something consequential. We believe that curiosity takes you to unfamiliar places, deep into subjects that have remained, until now, unknown. Curiosity quietly expands the world. The hungrier you are for the unknown, the more known things you accumulate—and the possibility of linking that knowledge creates limitless opportunity.


Edelmade was created from the harmonious fusion of different brains that have diverse, yet complementary strengths. The mashup is a balance of designing & doing—so we like to offer a breadth of services.

Contact Us

We’d love to chat. We are invigorated each time we begin work on something new. Ideas abound because we’ve created an agile process—a process that makes the creative output unique and informed by you.