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Leftovers 04

Take a look back through some of our logos that we're proud of—even if they didn't make the final cut.

  • Launch Party

    An inclusive and socially-minded indie beauty retailer

  • Boxfull

    Gifting service to send your love in a small package

  • Page Louiselle

    Eclectic, luxury interior designer based in Chicago

  • Robot Morning

    A modern take for an aerospace supply chain software company

  • Alpha & O

    Concept brand

  • Mighty Good

    Meat-and-three counter serving up nostalgic comfort food

  • Embra

    Yoga and wellness studio

  • Stranz Crossley

    Innovative pharmacological consultants

  • Sally On

    Vibrant, women-owned marketing powerhouse

  • Iron Wing

    Record label turned audio-focused film production studio

  • Highmind Training

    Personal training with a mind & body connection

  • Capstone Financial Advisors

    Chicago-based boutique investment & financial services

  • Ghost Chicken

    A culinary apparition—or is it?

  • Houston Raef

    Freelance Videographer & Director of Photography

  • Ghost Baby

    Underground cocktail bar & live music venue

  • All Smiles

    A dental practice, but fun!