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The Studio 01

We intentionally keep our team small and tight-knit. Each of our unique backgrounds and complementary skillsets combine into a creative harmony that produces well-rounded design results.

  • Lauren Corso


    Prior to co-founding Edelmade, Lauren spent the first ten years of her career in operational roles at General Electric, while simultaneously owning a successful styling business. Now, Lauren enjoys marrying strategic efforts with stunning creative within every project she oversees at Edelmade.

  • Mike Hauss


    Mike’s advertising and design expertise was developed over the past decade at various traditional and digital agencies—working with clients in consumer packaged goods, tech, and retail, prior to co-founding Edelmade. Today, he is creative director, spending his days thinking through boundary-pushing ideas for clients.

  • Rachel Zylka

    DESIGNER (She/They)

    Rachel is a graduate of the esteemed DAAP program at University of Cincinnati. A talented artist and designer, Rachel has worked with Edelmade since 2019 and joined Edelmade full time upon graduation from UC in 2020. Rachel is a powerful contextual thinker and she strives for her work to always be inclusive, relevant and intentional.

  • Marin Billionis


    Marin is also a graduate of the DAAP program at University of Cincinnati, having joined Edelmade by way of the co-op program. She spent 3 of her co-op semesters with our team and was hired full-time upon graduation in 2023. Marin excels at illustration, having created branded illustrations for nearly all of Edelmade's clients since 2020.

  • Louie Hauss

    reception (bubbies)

    Louie is a service-dog academy flunkie and the director of first impressions at HQ. His skills include keeping watch over the neighborhood, receiving treats from generous UPS drivers and postal workers, being fiercely intuitive and loyal, and doing a spot-on rug impression.

What's the Edelmade special?

Our specialty is holistic design for brands of all kinds. We work best when our clients let us join them at the beginning of their journey to collaborate and develop big ideas together. We create digital and physical identities and their applications, design and build interactive website experiences, and develop engaging content.