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A multi-location yoga studio needed a fresh name & whole new look.

  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design & Dev

Project Approach

When we started working with the owners of now-Embra, our clients were owners of a few studios that were a part of a franchise-based, nationally-known yoga brand. In order to survive the pandemic, they concluded that the only option was to branch off and form their own brand. We collaborated with their team of owners to conceptualize and solidify their new brand—naming, branding, and bringing it to life digitally, so that they could focus on the physical realm.

Embra logo on a mint green tee worn by a young black man in a mountainous setting.
A mint water bottle decorated in Embra stickers sits against a rusty background
An Embra tote bag with the words
Vibrant Embra-branded wall billboards brighten up and urban street with passersby and trees in the foreground
A white Embra
Social media screen grabs float on a mint background