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Ghost Baby

Ghost BabyGhost BabyGhost BabyGhost BabyGhost Baby

A stylishly sophisticated bar & jazz venue, rattling four levels below ground.

  • Visual Identity
  • Collateral
  • Photo Direction & Styling

Project Approach

When owner and creative visionary, Josh Heuser, approached us to work together, the concept for Ghost Baby was described as the roaring 20's meets the electric 80's. We took Josh's vision and interior design preferences and created a perfectly-paired brand.

Forty-nine feet under a quiet street in Cincinnati, the wail of a saxophone reverberates. This is Ghost Baby, a new bar built in one of the old tunnels that run under the neighborhood known as Over-the-Rhine. More than a century ago, before refrigeration, they served as storage for saloons. Kegs were fished from down below with a pulley and winch. Then the tunnels were abandoned. This one has been turned into an ambitious Babylon Berlin–feeling nightclub. There are two rooms in Ghost Baby: the Rattle Room and the Den. Both buzz with bomb-shelter excitement, but the Den is the one with the disco ball and stage, where cats blow in trios and quartets and couples sip imaginative cocktails like one made with fiery vodka, mezcal, and soursop.

Esquire, Best Bars in America 2022