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Ghost Baby

Ghost BabyGhost BabyGhost BabyGhost BabyGhost Baby

A stylishly sophisticated bar & jazz venue, rattling four levels below ground.

  • Visual Identity
  • Collateral

Project Approach

When owner and creative visionary, Josh Heuser, approached us to work together, the concept for Ghost Baby was described as the roaring 20's meets the electric 80's. We took Josh's vision and interior design preferences and created a perfectly-paired brand.

Man's hand holding a bottle of alcohol over a backdrop of colorful tessellated retro images

More than 150 years ago, before refrigeration, brewing companies used underground lagering tunnels for cooling and aging the beer they produced. In the decades after the tunnels' heyday, those who ventured down the four stories of stairs to the tunnels reported hearing haunting noises—including the cry of a ghostly baby.

The History of Ghost Baby
Matches branded with the Ghost Baby
Royal blue tote bag with the words
An image of the interior of Ghost Baby's performance end of the venue with a stage in view and a bar in the foreground