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Kaizen Food Co.

Kaizen Food Co.Kaizen Food Co.Kaizen Food Co.Kaizen Food Co.Kaizen Food Co.

Kaizen Foods Co. is a lupini bean-based food brand that empowers you to enjoy pasta and rice without compromise.

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Social & Email Collateral

How We Helped

We helped reimagine the brand, transforming it from a scrappy DTC pasta startup to a retail-ready food company competing for shelf space with the likes of Banza and Brami. We began with extensive market research, understanding the entire landscape of retail pasta design. Armed with the knowledge of what was and wasn't working in the category, we created a brand that stands out amongst its peers on-shelf, so consumers can lean into the bean.

Taking cues from the concept behind the word Kaizen (a Japanese term, meaning change for the better, or continuous improvement), we developed a horizon-like shape language for the front of the box. The abstract green horizon and cheery blue sky were an intentional color combination choice in order to stand out on shelves from the competitive set, while also symbolizing the opportunities that abound for pasta-eaters as they forge their healthy path.