A new identity for a creative filmmaking & storytelling duo

Semaphore is a video studio formed by Director Doug Gautraud and Cinematographer Ben Nelson. “Semaphore” is a type of visual communication that utilizes flags held in different positions to send messages from afar, which is the perfect metaphor and name for a team creating and communicating through the visual medium of video. Edelmade worked with Doug and Ben to create a visually stimulating brand to represent their partnership and newly established company.

What We Did

We created a brand identity for the creative duo to visualize their chosen name, Semaphore. Within the brand design, we employed the use of basic shapes and bold color blocks, reminiscent of the flags used in naval semaphore flagging. The brand mark is two flags, joined at the ends of their respective poles, and also creates a visible “S” for Semaphore.


  • Logo design
  • Brand identity design
  • Content & social media art direction
  • Brand strategy
  • Collateral creation